DIY Kitchen Internet Radio using old Android phone

Finding uses for superceded technology rather than throwing it away is a passion of mine. I guess it’s because of my age and living through some tougher times that I reckon it’s always worth trying to extend the life of any ‘tech’.

I only just reluctantly parted with a perfectly fine Panasonic Laser because Windows 7 refuses to play nice and run it, so it got put out front with a ‘Free to a good home’ sign on it!DIY Android kitchen radio

Living down the south coast of NSW has enormous benefits, quieter lifestyle, beautiful beaches and friendlier people – but some things are a bit behind. Take radio for instance. We can only get 2 or 3 FM stations here (and reception isn’t that great) and Digital radio isn’t in our area yet, so I had thought for a while about getting an internet radio for the kitchen. Prices are a little steep however, so I decided to have a go at making one out of an unused Android smartphone which, while too slow for most things still worked fine streaming internet radio. Continue reading

Overview Of Transferring VHS and 8mm Tapes To DVD

By Richard Morse

Many of us have boxes of tapes that were recorded onto either VHS or 8mm. If stored properly tapes will last a long time. However there are some considerations that make converting your home videos to DVD a worthwhile process. –It is easier to share a DVD with friends and family. They make a great gift.
–You can create chapters to jump to your favorite scenes.
–You can easily add background music or edit out boring scenes.
–Many times the you can increase the quality from the original source movie Continue reading

DVD Burning Pointers

By Carolynn Wong

DVD’s have been extremely useful in storing data. So far, it has gained a number of faithful followers because of its ability to store much amount of information compared to any other storage devices.

However, you should also try to make sure that they are properly taken care of. You may consider the following pointers:

* Quality of media—Any defects in the media you utilize will result in defects in the written disc. Continue reading

Guide to Buying a Webcam

By: Andrew Gates

How web broadcasting works
Webcams are those handy little cameras that attach to your PC and send images to a web page that can be viewed by others. This enables you to share daily life events with friends and family in other parts of the country or the world, or to arrange a video-conference with colleagues and maintain long distance relationships of all kinds. Of course the number of ways to use this technology is limited only by your imagination. Continue reading

Online Backup is A Must!

By Calli Smith

A typical college student, my digital camera is one of my favorite gadgets my hard-earned money has bought (right up there with my iPod and cell phone). I take it everywhere I go, snapping away at anyone (and anything) I possibly can. My hard drive is filled to the brim with tender memories, chance meetings, and embarrassing moments.

All computers can be susceptible to failure for a variety of reasons. Not being very technologically adept, all my pictures could be gone in a flash with a just few mouse-clicks, or if my hard drive were to crash (whether or not by my own doing). Although these situations cannot be predicted, they can certainly be planned for. So what is the best solution preserving your priceless documents? Continue reading

Want a ChromeBook for under $200?
Want a ChromeBook for under $200?

Ok, so what’s a ChromeBook and why are they taking the computing world by storm? There are different reasons, but in my humble opinion, two words – Not Microsoft. I’ve

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Want to make your home smarter?
Want to make your home smarter?

Setting up a smarthome is becoming easier every month with new, cheaper devices coming into the market regularly. At our place, I have installed a Google Home (3 in fact

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How to take control of Windows 10 Updates
How to take control of Windows 10 Updates

One of the problems that Windows 10 users face is the update process. Updates are important but, as we have seen in the past, they can go terribly wrong. Experienced

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Windows 10 – the nightmare continues…
Windows 10 – the nightmare continues…

I’ve been doing this game for some time now. Cut my teeth on Windows 3.0, then progressed through all the versions, 3.1, 95, 98, 98SE, XP, Vista (cough..), Windows 7,

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