Broadband – What Affects Your Speed?

By: Nick Cox

Broadband providers have been under scrutiny recently, as it has come to light that broadband speeds advertised by ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) are not matching actual broadband speeds that customers receive.

It’s proving to be a frustrating time for many customers. Many have been promised speeds of up to 8 Meg, but they are finding themselves with connection speeds, that in some cases are only marginally better than dial-up.

So, what are the contributing factors that affect broadband speeds? There are in fact numerous conditions that exist that can hamper your connection, and unfortunately there are no quick fix solutions to any of the problems.

Conditions that can cause poor internet speeds include:

The distance from the exchange

This is probably the single biggest contributing factor to broadband speeds. The closer you are to the telephone exchange the better your chances are of getting faster internet speeds. Only those living close to an exchange will be able to get anywhere near the 8meg download speeds promised by many of the providers.

The number of computers on a network
If have a number of computers in your household hooked up to the same router, then this will affect your broadband speeds as each computer will be sharing the one connection.

Quality of cables
Your ISP should provide you with high capacity modem cables as part of their package. But, if they haven’t then it’s wise to check that the cabling you are using is up to the job intended. Also, poor quality internal telephone cabling can affect the quality of your service.

Weather Conditions
Severe weather conditions can cause problems with the ADSL signal which in turn affects internet speeds.

Always use good virus protection software. A computer that is poorly protected from viruses and spyware will inevitably begin to lose performance. Virus programs running in the background hog your bandwidth.

Time of day
The peak times when people surf the internet are between 6pm – 11pm. During these peak times it’s common to experience slower internet speeds.

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