How to install MalwareBytes Premium

mbam_installAs readers of this blog will know, I recommend and use MalwareBytes Premium but I have found that beginners or those with little experience installing software on their computes may need some help. I’ve written this to provide clear instructions, but if you get really stuck just contact me for further assistance.

Here are the steps to download, install and activate the product.

1. Click the MalwareBytes Premium ad on the front page of this website (Disclaimer: I am an affiliate and get a small payment for referrals but I would recommend the product if I wasn’t).
2. Complete the purchase details – NOTE: please check your email address carefully as this is where your invoice and activation details will be sent
3. Pay for the product by your preferred method (note that this page is secure)
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Ensure You Keep Everything From The Old PC


Moving from a computer that has been in use for sometimes a decade (in the case of many XP users!) to a new one can be a little stressful. My customers often have stored their files in the weirdest places and they all say without fail, ‘oh, just copy the photos across, I don’t need much else’. To which I always reply ‘are you sure?’. Their answer then is always the same – that they may have some other stuff but they aren’t sure…

I offer to remove the hard drive from the old system and install it into an external USB drive box for them. That way, they have ALL their files safely stored Continue reading

Warning : Fake calls from Telstra

phonescamI recently spoke to a customer who related this story that should serve as a warning to us all.

We all (or should know by now, it’s been in the papers and on telly many times) about the scammers pretending to be from Microsoft warning that ‘your computer is infected with a serious virus and I will show you – please turn on your computer’ – or similar nonsense.

He got as far as the usual ‘ok, so please go to this website and permit me to access your computer to fix it’. Luckliy, my customer heard the alarm bell ringing in his head and said no. Then he rang me!

In this case, the customer was supposedly called by a Tesltra employee who talked him through the steps to validate his computer’s ‘security code’ to prove that the call was genuine. Continue reading

Kill the NBN? Please Don’t!

No Malcolm. This is what we want – fibre to the house !

Been a while since my last post but I had to put pen to paper (well, fire up the PC and hammer the keys anyway) to add my voice to the growing concerns about the Coalition’s intention to stop the NBN.

Here at Shoalhaven Heads, like many smaller regional towns, we are really at the mercy of Telstra. Mobile phone reception is a joke for many who live here and there are ‘dead spots’ where you can forget mobile phone service – let alone wireless internet. So we are dependent on fixed line services for both landline phones and ADSL internet. Continue reading

Are desktops and notebooks doomed?

There are many people – me included – who feel very comfortable using desktop or notebook computers (laptops to use the old term), but if you were to believe all the hype from the press and sellers of computing devices in general, you’d think we are all moving to tablets.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s no doubt that for many tasks like quickly checking emails, browsing the ‘net, watching YouTube videos, playing games or keeping up with news – a tablet like an iPad or Android device is fantastic. The convenience of a light, fast booting touch screen tablet can’t be faulted and for many travellers, it beats a notebook hands down especially when you consider the much longer battery life. Continue reading

The love? affair is over
The love? affair is over

I recently wrote this on the Microsoft ‘Tech Support’ site in frustration at Windows 10 again causing me to say rude words. This time I was just trying to open

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Want a ChromeBook for under $200?
Want a ChromeBook for under $200?

Ok, so what’s a ChromeBook and why are they taking the computing world by storm? There are different reasons, but in my humble opinion, two words – Not Microsoft. I’ve

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Want to make your home smarter?
Want to make your home smarter?

Setting up a smarthome is becoming easier every month with new, cheaper devices coming into the market regularly. At our place, I have installed a Google Home (3 in fact

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How to take control of Windows 10 Updates
How to take control of Windows 10 Updates

One of the problems that Windows 10 users face is the update process. Updates are important but, as we have seen in the past, they can go terribly wrong. Experienced

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